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Sitges 2019: Super Me (China, 2019) Review

“Every time I dream, I die”

Director: Zhang Chong.
Screenplay: Zhang Chong, DongDong.
Cast: Wang Talu, Song Jia, Cao BingKun.

Sang Yu is a young man who things don't go particularly well, living stroked by the depression that blocks his life. For matters worst, every time he goes to sleep, a demon hunts him in his dreams, killing him each time. One night he discovers he can bring back valuable objects from the dream world. Will it be the solution to all his problems? Or will he fall into a greedy hell?

Nowadays Chinese fantasy cinema has an amazing imaginary, with risky, original films. Today we talk about Super Me by Zhang Chong, a clear example of quality and deep cinematography. Let's start!

Super Me is a movie inside the genre of fantastic, a production that first can be seen as a quick consumption entertainment. But it goes beyond that. The film, as in the dream world and the internal fights of our main character, has a very detailed and rich background, that show us about the "id", the "ego" and the "super-ego", concepts used by Sigmund Freud in the theory of the psychoanalysis to explain the complex running of the human psyche.

We can also observe how the Director, Zhang Chong, show us the oneiric world of the dreams, portraying that creative strength that Carl Gustav Jung explained when he told us that dreams are a product of nature.

A story that capture us because of its amazing staging and for telling us such universal themes like, how to success no matter what, finding your own path or the poison that is greed. Sometimes, a simple gesture, can change everything you were looking for in life to be happy.

In an interpretative level, the movie shines at its best, not only in the main characters, but the support actors offer a great deal of quality in their roles. Song Jia brights in this, sometimes, dark story about life, creating a great duo with our main character. Wan Talu gives us an energetic interpretation full of charisma thanks to his unforgettable smile.

Super Me is visually very attractive, the contrast of colours between the dreams and the real world is simply brilliant. Besides, it has a great work of CGI giving it spectacularity in its moments of action and fantasy.

In the soundtrack we find a gathering of classic musical themes in perfect harmony with the electric guitar melodies. A great cooperation that award the movie with agility in the development of the plot.

In conclusion, Super Me is an interesting fantasy proposal that arrives to us from China, a trip to the deepest of the mind and to the absurd intern fights that we suffer daily. But above all, is an excellent fantasy and action movie. Give it a chance and open your mind to the universe that Director Zhang Chong sets out. Lovely!

The best: Visually brilliant.
The world of dreams and the fights against the demon.
Wang Talu and Son Jia's duo is amazing.
Been able to watch it as a world premiere in Sitges international film festival.

The worst: That you only see the first layer in the movie and don't dig deeply into the message that the Director wants to explain.
When you realise it, the film is over and you want more.


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